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Welcome to the downUP

Last updated on February 26, 2021

DownUp is short for download/upload

I started this site for one simple reason: I like to write about the Canadian communications industries, but I don’t always have an outlet to write about everything I see as newsworthy.

But then the idea morphed: I wanted to be able to inform and not confuse; to reach out and not leave behind; and to capture short attention without holding on for too long. Thus, the SAD news mission was born.

The goal for this site is to provide scoop-driven, document-dug simplified, accessible, and digestible (SAD) communications news that is beyond the pale — news and analysis you simply won’t see anywhere else.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with two major Canadian telecom and media publications in Canada: The Wire Report and, the latter for which I still have the privilege to write. I want this site to be the home for the stories you won’t see anywhere else.

Here’s the format of my stories:

  • A bullet-point version and key section for those who don’t have time for long-form (Digestible)
  • What the story contributes to the conversation, while distilling complex topics into English (Simplified)
  • And, ultimately, multiple ways to consume the news: point form, long form, and audio form! (Accessible)

Underneath the digestible version, I will provide a full-length story in traditional prose. I will attempt to distill the complexities of the industries in such layman’s terms so all can understand their impact.

This site will include news from all over: the regulator, the federal, provincial and territorial governments, the courts, the lobby files, access to information, and sources.

I hope that you will learn something from this site on the Canadian communications landscape.

Thanks for reading.


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